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How my child overcame frustration and anxiety with this quick, simple trick

Updated: May 15, 2018

If you have #children, you may have used a #stickerchart to help guide and shape your child's behavior in a positive direction with them ultimately earning enough stickers to garner a reward of some significance. In all honesty as adults we could probably benefit from this type of behavioral alchemy. Recently my 6 year old daughter (she was 5 when this particular quest started) embarked on a sticker chart journey to earn a living, breathing, pellet-pooping guinea pig. Kind acts, especially for and toward her younger sister earned a sticker. Several months and 45 stickers earned (5 to go!), my wife threw down the gauntlet- buckle your seat belt five times in a row and you will earn your remaining stickers and get to adopt Alani (she had long before named her piggy).

Now, the seat belt has been a nemesis for some time. But she had been practicing. Still, the pressure was palpable. She insisted on getting to work on this dinner and asked me to observe. My 18 month old and I went out to the garage with her to root on/officiate the feat. One thing to know about my 6 year old- she has #sensory issues and fine motor delays. This can lend itself to #anxiety and #meltdowns especially in situations like this where the pressure is on and she has to execute multiple step actions. It didn't take long before the meltdown started:

I tried to calm her down verbally but that was not getting the job done. She couldn't hear me. Her crying and frustration also got my younger daughter upset. I decided to start doing #EFTTapping on both of them- my older one first, then my younger one who was in my arms. It took several rounds tapping through the pressure points and my junior seatbelter started to calm down and figured out a pattern to get enough slack pulled out and use both hands (something she's working hard to improve) to get the belt buckled and tucked under the booster's arm rest. One time complete!

I did a couple more rounds of #tapping with them and I could see that she was calming down and growing in confidence. You got this! Two buckles, three buckles, four...five!

I was so proud of her! We want our kids to succeed and to have awesome #selfesteem. She said the #taptap, as she calls it, did help her calm down so she could keep trying.

Turns out she didn't have to wait until the next day to get her Guinea Pig. Alani (the Hawaiian word for “orange," the fruit, who knew?) came home with us that night.

I'm always excited and grateful for how well #EmotionalFreedomTechniques works with my #girls. Make no mistake, she earned it. She owned it. She just needed to #tap into her #calm self to get over the finish line. If you have #kids who could benefit from #EFT, go to or call us at (419) 239-2113 to schedule a consult to see if #EFTCoaching or #counseling is right for you!

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