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How I Used EFT for a Successful Job Interview and 6 Tips for Success

I hadn’t been planning on seeking a different job, but it seems as though it sought me. I received an email while I was on vacation about a new counseling position that seemed to have it all- better pay, better hours, and some tremendous benefits. With this rush of excitement also came the rush of anxiety that comes with potential change- Am I good enough to stand out? How will I say goodbye to all of my clients? How will I tell my boss? What am I giving up? The hum of nervous energy coursing through my body told me it was time to get tapping. I knew that my best chance for success was to tap on all of my fears, shortcomings, and self-imposed barriers.

I had several weeks to mentally prepare for my job interview, which was ultimately a good thing but problematic because I tend to be a classic over-thinker. My mind has a way of taking minor things and making them way more serious than they really are. Fortunately, this is great fodder for EFT Tapping. I would take quiet time at night or in the morning and start working on the fears that were bubbling to the surface. Here are 6 tips that I came up with to successfully prepare for an upcoming job interview:

Tip #1- Visualize your upcoming job interview.

Sit down and imagine yourself in the interview room. If you know who you will be interviewing with, this will help. I was fortunate that the company I was interviewing with had an excellent website with pictures of the people I would be interviewing with. Use all of your senses to imagine what the interview will be like. Use EFT Tapping to work on any stressful feelings or images that come up.

Tip #2- Consider ‘What is the worst question they could ask me?’

Think about what would be the question or questions you would prefer they not ask? What would be the hardest to answer? This may be about a gap in your work history or perhaps you were fired from a job. I was actually asked my “worst question” as I had to explain why I had changed jobs several times in a relatively short period of time. Tapping on this very question ahead of time helped me to answer this question confidently.

Tip #3- What is my ideal salary?

This question can be a great source of anxiety and second-guessing. It also calls into question deeper issues regarding our own sense of worth- What do I deserve to be paid? If you have a sense of the base salary the job is offering or what is typical for this position in your field this is a good place to start. Next, consider what you would like to be paid. Practice saying it out loud- “I want to be paid $XXX,XXX dollars per year.” If your voice breaks or anxiety spikes in your body, it’s time to start tapping.

Tip #4- Consider past negative experiences in job interviews.

Having a past job interview that did not go so well is often the main culprit for fears in an interview. If you had an interview that was awkward, difficult, or didn’t result in a job, this can be a source of ongoing shame, avoidance, or nervousness. This may be the best place to use EFT as it does a great job targeting and neutralizing the effects of specific events.

Tip #5- Tap on your physical signs of stress.

Being in a high stakes situation can bring out a variety of physical signs of stress for us. For me, feeling nervous in an interview situation usually comes with my mouth drying up, sweating, and overuse of ‘talking with my hands.’ A setup phrase of “Even though I get this dry mouth during interviews, I deeply and completely accept myself” could be a good way to address our body’s stress response.

Tip #6- Make a list of things to tap on leading up to the interview

A good way of staying on top of the various thoughts and worries you are having about the interview is to make a list. Take a notebook and begin writing down all of the thought blurbs, memories, and other concerns that may be clouding your mind. Take the time to work through each of them using the basic recipe and get your intensity on each item down to zero.

Using EFT Tapping before my interview was tremendously calming and helpful. By the time I actually showed for the interview, my mind was clear and I was joking with the receptionist about “Saved by the Bell.” Now I am getting ready to start an amazing job, making more money than I ever have in my life, and feeling grateful for the opportunity. I know that Tapping helped clear the way for me to put my best self forward; and I know it can work for you too!

Bonus Tip: Other than dressing professional (doesn’t matter what position), it is a good idea to scout the company for whom you are interviewing. If they have a website, research it. Figure out their mission. Consider questions that you can ask them. Remember, you are also interviewing the company to see if they are a good fit for you.

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