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Big Changes at Deep Roots Wellness!

We are not your standard mental health practice!

The days of “talk-therapy-only” mental health are gone. We have moved to a new location at 8081 Adams Ridge Rd. and we have big plans for 2021.

As of January 1, 2020, the staff of Deep Roots Wellness is excited to announce that we are transitioning to a fully integrated holistic mental health practice. We are striving to be rural Northwest Ohio’s premier mental health practice that takes the approach that mental health symptoms can be resolved with a complimentary and alternative approach that seeks to find and address the root cause. With this change, new and returning clients can expect the following:

  • As usual, new mental health clients will receive the standard biopsychosocial intake assessment from a licensed counselor or supervised intern, with special attention given to the whole person, including mind, body, and spirit, as well as strengths, not just the diagnosis.

  • Some mental health clients will receive instruction on evidence-based energy medicine techniques or other complimentary approaches during a therapy session. Clients will be expected to keep an open mind and have a willingness to try new things.

  • We will prioritize the mind-body connection, instead of seeing these as separate. All mental health clients will be required to be seen by our in-house Holistic Health Practitioner or an integrative doctor or naturopathic doctor of your choice for an assessment and will be provided lifestyle recommendations/modifications to support their foundational health. Records and recommendations will be shared between the mental health provider and holistic provider to provide for a team approach that focuses on the whole person. Complicated cases will be required to be co-managed by a therapist/practitioner team over a period of time.

  • Our clients must be committed to taking an active part in their recovery by committing to a time and financial investment as well as lifestyle changes and daily practices that may feel inconvenient or challenging at times.

  • We will offer an in-house vitamin and supplement dispensary as well as an online dispensary. We will strive to pass some savings on to our clients whenever possible.

  • We will continue to offer Telehealth for both counseling and holistic health appointments.

About our in-house Holistic Health practice:

Rose Hollo is our Holistic Health Practitioner. She is the co-founder of Deep Roots Wellness, LLC. She has completed her Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in holistic health at Union Institute and University and her MBA at New England College. She is a Reiki Master-Teacher, and Certified Master Herbalist with Distinction. She is currently completing a professional level course of study which will allow her to sit for the National Board Certification to obtain her “Doctor of Naturopathy” later in 2021.

In-House holistic health fees as of 1-01-2021:

Note: Your HSA may cover Complimentary Alternative Modalities. We will accept HSA payments but cannot guarantee coverage. Please check with your customer service representative. We cannot submit holistic health fees or CAM therapy bills to insurance at this time. We are not able to check on your coverage for CAM at this time. Please contact your insurance company to check coverage. We strive to keep our fees the lowest in NW Ohio.

Intake (includes 50 minute assessment, lifestyle modification and supplement recommendations). $60

Follow-up (includes 30 minute coaching, troubleshooting, tweaking, additional or modified recommendations). $40

Fee comparison for local naturopathic and integrative doctors:

Dr. Maleigha Watts, ND, Toledo Naturopathic, Waterville: $188 for intake, $75 for follow-up

Dr. Jen Pfleghaar, DO, Pflegmed Integrative Medicine, Perrysburg: $300 for intake, $150 for follow-up

Rose also offers various forms of biological testing, detox sessions with ionic foot bath and ozonated water, Reiki healing sessions, Reiki training and attunements, specialized programs in hormone support, detoxing, and nutritional education. Please ask if you’re interested!

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